ALERT! Political Rant! ALERT!

The headline of this story reads, “Syrian opposition begs for help after reported massacre.

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Now, we have been reading about Syria, and the atrocities there, since the Arab Spring of last year. Yet, the U.S. (or any other Western nation) has done little more than make condemnation statements on television and send in some observers (“Why yes, they ARE slaughtering people like animals. Yep, no doubt about it. Been going on for over a year, now. Guess I’ll go get some flat bread whilst I wait for the next useless order.”).
This kills me. Here’s a quote, “(U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon) said Friday the full cadre of 300 U.N. observers authorized by the Council will be in Syria in the coming days.”
Really? For what? What possible good will it do to keep sending in More people to affirm what the whole frelling world has known for over a year now… that Assad is Massacring his People. Hey, let’s waste the time and money, to send in 300 people, to hang around and talk to victims, and generally get in the way and make us look like incompetent, powerless retards. Assad is playing hardball… and the U.N. sends in a bunch of waterboys. Nice. Genius plan. No wonder the world is in the ridiculous state it’s in these days.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not have a personal stake in this conflict. I doubt I have ever met a single Syrian (that I am aware of, anyway). And to be honest, not a big fan of the Islamic faith (stop thinking senseless murder [for archaic notions] and the suppression of women is justified, and we’ll talk). But I would like to take you through a short, logical, examination process, just to ensure that the Western governments are ‘not’ doing anything for the ‘right’ reason(s).

Let’s examine some history…

World War I – went in half-hearted, poorly trained, ill-equipped and helped Britain and France maintain a stalemate. Why? Good question. Not really sure why we went, honestly. Perhaps to help out two allies against one of the last monarchs in power in Europe. I should actually research that one.

World War II – went in all-out, after Japan handed our asses to us and Hitler had pretty much gone red on the bat-shit-crazy meter. Turned the entire nation into a giant war effort. Better equipped, massive resources, much better tactics, superior numbers, and a can-do attitude. PLUS, we got to free several allied nations and stop the annihilation of the Jewish people in Europe. All in all, good reasons.

Korea – went in pretty well-equipped and informed, but with the wrong intentions. Stop Communism! OH MY GOD! Not Communism! Frelling whatever… We should have pushed straight in until we found that little nutball Kim Jong Sun or Sung Jong Il, or whatever the hell his name is… Kim Il’s dad – the one North Koreans think is some kind of god. Wipe his ass out, and his family and top military and political stooges. Problem solved (at least solved better than it is now). But… no one bothered to tell the allied soldiers that 1. It’s as cold as Antartica there in the winter, and 2. North Koreans are frelling crazy. Like, they will take an axe to you after tea time, just to watch you bleed and scream kind-of-crazy.

So, other than helping South Korea stay commie-free, there was nothing really there worth saving. Thus stalemate.

Vietnam – yeah, repeat all the shit I just said about Korea, except hot as hell instead of cold as a well digger’s ass. And again, nothing of value here (resource-wise), and thus, our stalemate.

*Multiple little skirmishes I know practically nothing about, mostly in the Central American region – no comments there*

Next, we’ll bring up Bosnia-Serbia-Croatia (Yugoslavia). Years of pent up ethnic and religious animosity that activates once the iron fist of the Soviet Union melts. As a European nation, bursting free from it’s commie yoke, the Western nations likely felt they had no choice but to play nanny and bring these 3 (or 4? Kosovo?) squabbling children back to their senses. Ultimate goal – democracy and stability in eastern Europe.

Somalia – this was just a tragic frell-all. We should never have been there. Except perhaps with a few well-positioned stealth bombers. The landscape is reflective of the controlling populace. Wastes. Nothing of value there. No resources. Not even the hope of democracy or a decent ally. Thus, we didn’t even make a WWI half-assed attempt. We just went in with far too little and lost far too much. Clinton (whom I like) really dropped the ball here, and will ever be marked as a member of the same club as Carter (for dropping the ball with the hostage crises).

Let’s see… 911 happened…

Afghanistan – too little, too late. Beat up a lot of bad guys, ruined a fair chunk of the country, did not make any real headway. Kinda like trying to squeegee a flooding river from your yard. You might move some water, but the second you stop…

And they don’t really have resources to speak of (other than opium and smack). The only possible value is for the plans of running a natural gas pipeline across the country, from the Caspian Sea to Pakistan.    But considering how juicy a target that would make for some zealot with his towel wrapped too tight, it will likely never happen. So, why are we still there? I would guess it to be purely political.

Iraq – aHA! Hear we go. Reason for going there? The first time was to spank Saddam for picking on Kuwait (and oil ally of ours). The second time? Because Bush jr. is a retard and had something to prove. Oh yes… and he flunked Geography class. “The Al-Qayda boys attacked our towns. Now we’re gonna go kick them right square in the jimmy. Boys, head to Iraq. And find me some nuclear missiles while yer at it. And for God’s sake, protect that thar oil!” Too bad AL Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq. Or nukes. Dumbass. But there is oil. Gobs and gobs of oil. The real reason we went, stayed, and still advise there.

Now, we come to Arab Spring. Libya – we helped (even if we didn’t “officially” set troops on the ground) remove a long-term dictator and thus helped clear the way to their oil.
Egypt – We let them take it on their own (not much oil, just some really cool architecture).
Yemen – Not much there, either, but the president played ball with the U.S., so no intervention.
Arabia – yeah, like we would ever invade our biggest oil buddy.
Bahrain, Qatar? Not worth the effort. You can drive across them in an hour.
Jordan – totally landlocked, desert with no redeeming resources. Forget it.
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia – Not much in the way of resources, unless you want to start a playground sand company. We stayed out. Big surprise.

Syria – nothing really worthwhile here, in the commodity field. No giant fields of oil, minerals, gas, coal. Just a lot of history and some nasty despot wannabe rulers. Currently, said-despot is massacring thousands and thousands of his own people, simply because they asked for change. And we come full circle. Nothing of value here, so the western nations stand back and watch. Shaking their fingers at Assad, “No, No. That’s a naughty dictator. No, No.”

What does it take to cause a humane reaction in the world powers today?

What does it take for them to look past their greed, and the yapping of the lobbyists, and the puerile bantering of left-wing and right-wing career bureaucrats and politicians?

What does it take for the United States to once more look at the annihilation of a people and decide they can stand by no longer?

The last time America dragged ass like this, it cost the lives of some 6 million Jews… instead of perhaps a few thousand.

When will we make the right choice to help where help is needed and not simply because someone has oil?

For the most part… my ancestors have been here since the 1600s. Hell, in a couple cases, they’ve been here better than 10,000 years. So I think I have a small right to voice my opinion, and dissent, on this great nation. And it is times like this (*points to Syria headline*) that I am ashamed of this country.

“Shouldn’t you be ashamed of the government, Mac? There the ones calling the shots.”

No. We put those morons there, in office. We handed them the keys to the country. We gave them the power they wield like drunken children, doing what suits them, what pleases their friends and careers, the rest of the world be damned. It’s our fault. And doubly so, because we have not dethroned them yet.

Let me tell you something… as long as we keep messing around in the middle east the way we have been, things will never get better. Never stop coming back to haunt us. Westerners have been dicking around over there since the times of Alexander the Great. And westerners have been pissing those people off ever since. Romans. Crusades. World Wars. We need to just leave them alone. Stop forcing our way into their playground and trying to steal their marbles (natural resources). The only time we should Ever go there (or anywhere, for that matter) is out of a sense of duty, honor, and justice. Silly, you might think. Stupid, some of you might say. But it’s true. The Syrian people are crying out to the world for help. For fuck’s sake… Help Them! Land the damned troops, kick the snot out of Assad’s forces and exterminate his ass. FREE THE PEOPLE. Are we to wait for the magic number of 6 million again?

Now, you might be thinking “Hey – he made a comment about murder being bad – but he just said exterminate someone – what the hell?”
Well, here’s the deal. In my particular set of logical ethics, you have murder and then you have justifiable killing. What Assad is doing to his people… what the Taliban does to its victims… what North Korea does to its less-than-enthusiastic citizens… what Russia does to its political enemies… what Mexican cartels do to whoever gets in the way… what serial killers do to their poor victims… That’s murder.
Taking out some ass-hat like Assad, or the entire militant group that currently controls the pirates of Somalia… or Castro… any person that ever threatens the lives of my family… that’s justifiable.

If you do not see the difference, then I feel sorry for you and please get the frell out of my blog, because you will never understand any of the points I make here. Cheers. No really… get out. I work from the side of logic and honor. If these concepts are foreign to you, you’ll not really gain much here except a nosebleed and maybe some ulcers.

Until next time…

By Mac

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