DC Universe Online …..wtf?


The Micronaut

Other than being operated by SOE (the bastards that ruined Star Wars Galaxies MMO), this was a pretty cool game. A bit more limited in character creation than City of Heroes / Villains, but the graphics, storylines, missions, animation, and cityscape are way better. And compared to Champions… *flush*   so much for Champions.

However, I was unable to play all the MMOs that I really enjoyed (and pay for the subscriptions), so last year I had to make a choice… DCU or my other more favorite games (for example, LOTRO [Lord of the Rings Online]).
Thus, sadly, I shelved DCU (or is it now DCUO?) and continued on, hoping someday for that salary increase that would not only allow me to build the geeky man-cave I want, along with starting my 1955 Chevy Nomad starter fund… but would also allow me to have two, maybe even three active game subscriptions at a time!

And one day, a friend said, “Did you know DCU went free to play?” I choked on my coffee. “What? After not even a year? That’s not a good sign.” But then again, we Are talking about something SOE had their hands on.

So now I’m thinking, well, hey… I won’t have access to All the options I used to, in the game… but at least I can still play. So, I log in. And see the utter level of capitalism run amuck in a game. I didn’t even retain any of my original names (And I started the game on release day). They have some new power sets that only paying members can access. Fine, fine. I can understand all that.

However, I DIDN’T realize that they merged Everyone into only Two bloody servers! One for PVP and One for PVE.

Ever seen piranhas at work on a piece of meat? That’s what it’s like trying to get a frelling quest done in this game, now. Every time I attacked something, to defeat it and grab the needed clickable item near it, some little ninja-looting ass-hat came out of nowhere and took my stuff. In this one mission, in Gotham, I spent over an hour trying to get seven hazmat workers saved and clicked on. In an hour, I managed to get one of them. ONE.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Some of you are probably thinking “Aww… poor little noob got all stepped on. *sniffles*  awww… QQ”
Yeah, well, fugg off. Poor little noob guy is sick to death of players that act like thirteen year old spazzoids jacked up on a 6-pack of Jolt. There used to be an etiquette to online gaming.
There used to be helpfulness, and grace, and respect.
Now there’re piranhas every corner you turn. Makes me glad to be in the guild (XFOR) I’m in, in SWtOR. One of the last vestiges of online chivalry and honor left in the MMO world. Except they don’t much dig the superhero genre, methinks.
So… it’s just Me… and them Piranhas.


Bat Dame and Batgirl

By Mac

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