The Bum Rusher

Ever notice there’s always one in every crowd? One of those guys… or one of those types… well, in this case I am talking about the spaz-monkeys that cannot keep it in their pants long enough for a team or group to fully prep themselves to assault a room or boss, in an MMO.

Of course this is about an MMO. You were thinking poetry or something? Those days are in my college past. Sorry.

So, playing on Sith Meditation Sphere, in SWtOR, on the Republic side (That would be the Non-Sith / Non-Imperial / Non-Darth Vader side, to all you who might have seen one Star Wars movie in your life – even though this game takes place about 3 millennium before Darth Vader).



I have a level 50 Jedi Consular Sage. Chi’ana. A hybrid Telekinetics – Healer. Basically, specced out as something I could solo most of the game with since, Hey, everybody’s leaving the game and groups are becoming a thing of the past!

So, the other night, I got into my very first Dailies group (Shut up, Baby. I know it.) with some fellow guild officers. On the Republic side, the guild I belong to, XFOR, has a division titled ROFX (Republic Operations for XFOR) (XFOR, btw, stands for Expeditionary Forces [of the 501st Legion])

So, I group with Moff’D and Kimbri, the aforementioned officers, and a third member who shall remain nameless (not from our guild). Now, this is just one example I am using, but nearly every group I have ever been in, there has been at least one Leeroy Jenkins.

You know the type. Everyone begins to set up – buffing, healing prior wounds, getting in position, making sure everyone is in the ROOM (just incase the door slams shut once the fight begins). Except that one player… who just casually runs into the mob, room, boss, whatever, and initiates the fight w/o any support, just expecting that blind luck and stupidity will see him or her through once again. And then, of course, you have all the other group members Scrambling to catch up, mashing buttons crazily, like it’s their first day, as it dawns on them what this (and this is the Proper use of the word, folks) Noob just did.

Now, what comes as a surprise, even though it really shouldn’t after all these years, is that Anyone can even hit their max level playing like this.

However, I am grateful for the Moff & Kimbri company. It was great to deflower an aspect of my SWtOR character with two groovy guildmates.

Ok… enough bitching for one day. I’ll try to be more informative, or at least intellectually stirring, next post.


By Mac

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