The Secret World and Me Mum’s Visit – a clash of duties

So, busy weekend. Massive home and yard cleaning, pruning, trimming, polishing in lieu of my mother’s visit. She’s never seen our new house, so y’know… first impressions and all that. We’re working on our genealogy this weekend (which I plan to post later this summer).

During our breaks from visiting, I have been doing what Any dutiful geek would do… sneaking into the Secret World Beta weekend!

Well, it is interesting. I like the story-driven content, and the design of the skill and ability system, and it does have some lovely graphics, scenery, etc. I rolled up a male Templar and a femal Illuminati character (Sevryn and Tatyanna, respectively). Image


The game, so far, feels a bit sandboxed, though. Starter areas are too small, next stage didn’t feel a whole lot bigger. Admittedly, I have yet to make it past Kingsmouth.Image

Also, Funcom REALLY needs to clean up the lag and frame rate issues. The lag continues to cause client crashes or bring combat to a complete frozen halt. That’s a bad thing, by the way, Funcommies. 

Clickable items are difficult to snag or you have to click on it two or three times to get it to activate.

Missions seem a bit confusing at first – hard to determine who to talk to or what to get, in some cases. Took me an hour to find the Templars Agartha entrance (It’s in the Train Station, by the way).

Targeting also leaves something to be desired. Even if you have a baddy targeted, no guarantee that you will be able to attack it when you need to most. I had one zombie mob instance where I had zombie #1 targeted in front of me… but after a good 10-15 second pause on my toon’s part (Oh, the Zombies kept Right On Attacking!) …my attacks were nailing Zombie #3 who was BEHIND me and Not targeted.  Really?  Wtf?Image

In addition, I think another bad idea was to keep the mission log so small. In an area that sports sooo many possible missions to do… making us constantly run back to a central hub, wasting all that travel time to and fro, just to get another mission, is, well… (searching for polite euphemism)… stupid.

The failings of other MMOs were the Grind and the Transits. Going out and needing to kill 20 of those, 15 of these, 40 of those things over there… yeah… bad idea. So far, TSW doesn’t stray too much into that. Good.  However, constantly running back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and fail… That’s a Bad idea. Bad, naughty Zoot. Fix it. Expand the mission log.

Character customization is also sadly bland and lacking. I have heard that we will see more at launch, but I hope it is a LOT more. Purchasing items is also kind of confusing at first, especially with vendors in the starter areas… but no Money to buy things.  ??   My only guess is that we continue to go back to the starter areas for more mission updates or debriefings or something.


All in all, I think the game has a good shot at being fun. I mean, running around with an assault rifle wielding, blue haired femme in 30 eyelet blue boots and a ‘Frell with me’ attitude is just cool. Where else, in the MMO world, do we get to unload automatic weapons on zombies, demons, cthulhu-looking monsters, ghosts, etc.?

The only thing I could not find out, is whether we get vehicles. Cars? Motorcycles at least? I have not seen any yet, but I have hopes. Even a moped would be better than hoofing it everywhere.

We’ll have to wait and see.

July 3rd, people (unless you preordered – then it’s June 29th). Buckle up for this bumpy ride.


By Mac

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