American Dream – a fading dream, at best.

Warning – this is a Rant and I descend into the broody Vernacular!
There WILL be F-Bombs. You’ve been warned.

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I was born in 1968.
“GOOD GOD! He’s NOT a 20-something radical?!”
No… he’s a 40-something radical.
I got to thinking about this, after I read an article in Time magazine this past week.
The topic was the American Dream (with an emphasis on the ‘dream’ part). References were made to Jeffersonian ideologies, Franklinian work ethics, Lincolnian direction and drive, and Rooseveltian perseverance and salvation. Once upon a time, my ancestors lived a pretty good life. A golden age of America, if you will. I would very much like to see us return to those days.

But how do we do it? Austerity? Revolution? Reclusivism on a national level? Obviously college education and hard work aren’t nearly enough anymore.
It also spoke of a fading window of opportunity for Americans today, and likely most of the industrial world. The gap between wealth and poverty was ever-widening, and the numbers in the poverty stricken sector were growing exponentially (Yes, this means they will eventually overpower the scant, few rich folk left in the world, by the way – Hope those less than 1% yuppies live in a fortress).

So, as I read this article, about the vanishing American Dream and the stagnation of our wages and the constant cost of living increases… I asked myself – Why do we put up with this shit? We put those fuckers in office. We number in 300+ million. DC is what … a few thousand govt. personnel? They have Obviously failed to control the greedy fucking market speculators, corporate CEOs and all their hummer-giving toadies, bank execs and their wall street poker buddies. Not to mention, how many of those pricks in Congress, the Senate, OR the White House regularly take kickbacks from special interests and lobbyists, because they are too fucking dumb to realize that we KNOW how they operate and we are not as Ignorant as they take most Americans for.

So, they exploit and damage the system beyond repair, for decades now, and we watch our chance to propel ourselves up the financial ladder fade. Unless, of course, we are some anthropofailure like Bill Zollars – a wanna-be CEO – who managed to drive Kodak, Yellow Freight, YRC, and some major airline into the ground… and yet this sonuvabitch kept getting hired to run corporations! Really?!
What the Fuck, people? Then there’s the asshat Bernie Madoff and his Wall Street fiasco. Or the Lehman Brothers CEO… or the dipshit in charge of JP Morgan Chase who stated, “Oh… sorry about that.”
These people should not be allowed to walk in public, let alone get away with what they did. Granted, Madoff got his deserts… but WHERE’S OUR MONEY??
It is because of people like these, that think the economy of a nation is their personal game of Texas Hold’em. And they SUCK at POKER!
Where’s my American Dream, daddy? I’m sorry, my child… but someone on Wall Street went all-in when he should have folded.

How many homeless people do we still have in this country? How many people in $50k to $150k student debt because they were raised under the premise that if they did good in school, ate all their vegetables, behaved themselves, went to college, and worked hard… they would have that Middle Class life; Home, car, vacation, 2.3 kids, happy spouse, bowling league, barbeques, little league, pool, nights out on the town, college for the kiddies…

Right now, cost of living is outpacing earning potential for most Americans (hell, most HUMANS, for that matter).
Which brings me back to my birth year. 1968. Back then, an average home cost $15,000. A new car averaged $2,000. Rent, about $100 per month. Fuel, 34 cents a gallon. The average salary? Between $7,000 and $8,000 per year.

Now examine today… I will use me as an example. I am at the Bottom end of Middle Class (though, as much as we struggle here, we should be lower class). My salary as about 6 times what the 1968 average was. However, rent is averaging 9 to 14 times what is was then. The cost of a new car is Damn near what my salary for a year is (the cheap ass models are at least HALF my yearly salary). A new home is 3 to 4 times my salary, instead of double. And fuel is who knows how much… it spikes and plummets every week. A month ago it was $4 a gallon… now it’s $3.35… next month it may be $4.50 (this is one of those times I would agree with government price control).
Food is also about 6 times as expensive, in relative dollars, as it was back then. And why? Why do prices have to increase? Who said things have to become more expensive with the passage of time?
That’s really a stupid concept and will eventually, one day, in the far future, result in a loaf of bread costing several billion dollars. Stupid. Bread is bread… 50 cents a loaf, there ya go.
If you do not raise prices, then you do not need to raise wages, and everyone can afford what they need by just working and saving. The economy would be so much more stable and secure if we knew the costs of everything in the foreseeable future. But then again… that would make too much sense and eliminate the potential for greedy stockbrokers, bankers, corporations, politicians and Wall Street gurus to make shit tons of money at the expense of the working person.

And of course, we get little help or direction from our government. The two ruling political parties are about as useful as a mule with three peckers, as my grandpa would say.
And those fools who blindly follow their parties, like some favorite college sports team, are equally to blame for this current mess. And not only do they stand around with tunnel-vision to the issues, but they spend half their time name-calling. Conservative bastards… flaming liberals… right-wing nazis… left-wing radicals. Here… Let ME join in. Rush Limbaugh – Suck my D***!  Now I’m part of the political process.
We spend so much time bickering about titles, labels, pigeonholes, that we lose sight of the base facts. Such as… the word Democrat comes from the word Democracy.

Here’s a fairly accurate definition, snagged from Wiki, “Democracy is an egalitarian form of government in which all the citizens of a nation together determine public policy, the laws and the actions of their state, requiring that all citizens (meeting certain qualifications) have an equal opportunity to express their opinion.”
Now, some of you might not quite understand ‘Egalitarian‘, so here is a link that (yes, to Wiki) will give you more insight. Basically, Egalitarianism is about equality of living beings, regardless of ethnicity, religion, social status, gender, etc. . We sorta have this whole Amendment based on the silly notion of equality. Damn those democrats. What were they Thinking?!

Now, don’t get me wrong… the Democrats have Really been fucking up the past decade or two. They have moved Way the hell away from Liberty, Freedom, Democracy and towards Bigger government, more government control over aspects of our lives. Currently, you have women in congress asking why the Republicans want to control their vaginal rights… well, I ask those same women why they support the abolishment of Other rights, simply because they do not agree with them. Did you know that I Have to wear a seatbelt, in a vehicle I bought with my money, supply my own fuel and maintenance and car insurance for, and I ALSO spend nearly $800 a month on health insurance (Oh Yeah… $800 a month for Blue Cross Blue Shield family plan… Thanx Obama… yer notion of spooking the Insurance companies, causing them to Gouge us in premium hikes worked like a Charm. No, really. Thanx a lot, buddy.).

So… I do ALL of this… and some schmuck in government decides that I HAVE to wear a seat belt because I might cost someone money if I am involved in an accident. Are you fucking Kidding me? I pay $9600.00 a year in health coverage, not counting all my car expenses, taxes for the roads I use, and the ambulance bill I will receive if it ever happens… and they are worried about money? So, they pass this draconian law. I realize it May save lives, particularly children (ALL kids should be buckled up – period), but to tell me I HAVE to wear one or I will be Fined… and pay MORE money into the system? …really?

Anyway… I digressed… so, we have people in the Dem party telling us that they do not think we should be doing things they do not agree with. Like smoking in public. OUTSIDE in public.     O.o
And then we have nuts in Middleborough, Massachusetts, who voted 183-50 to slap a $20 fine on Anybody swearing (cursing/cussing) in public. Really? Well, here’s my thoughts on that particular violation of the First Amendment… Hey Middleborough Town Council! Go FUCK Yourselves, you Pinko-Commie Bastards.

Anyone who is under the misconception that they can dictate “appropriate behavior” to this degree, on a public and legal level, should have their ass removed.
Telling these young kids to pull their pants up in public (because you Do look like a bunch of dorks) is one thing… telling someone to not swear, particularly if that person is of legal adult age… no, fuck you, not gonna happen. What is this, Amerika?
Also, the level of invasion into our private lives, purported by the Democratic bills and laws, is scary. So much power they wish to give institutions like the Family and Children division, the School systems, the IRS, the Police, the Courts… controlling on a level that is absolutely terrifying (unless you are lucky enough to be oblivious). ALL in the name of safety and acceptable whatever.

A far cry from the days of actual freedom… democracy… liberty… these are but an illusion anymore.

So anyway, now let’s examine the Republican trend…
In all fairness, Republicans were Great coming out of the gate: Lincoln, anti-slavery, equal rights for all men, reconstruction, high wages / high profits, railroads, industrial growth and commerce, unions… but somewhere around the turn of the 19th-20th century, they lost their way.
The GOP, as it were, became sickened with greed, uber-conservatism, big business, wealth, and power, even at the expense of fair labor and wages (hence the state we are in now). The actions of the GOP have brought about such powerful megacorporations as to be considered nations unto themselves at the same time they are purely transnational and nearly untouchable. Shoulda been named the Frankenstein party.

As sad as it is, you HAVE to have Some form of Opiates (no, not drugs, dumbass… keep reading) for the masses. Beer, Scotch, smokes, Playboy, Playgirl, video games, cheezits, sports, soda, outdoorsman activities… when you removes these things from society, said-society, that has nothing left to do (that they consider leisure), becomes angry, resentful, and prone to sparking off rebellions and revolutions that can be (and have been) REGIME-changing, if you get my meaning.
When the Republicans supported Prohibition, siding with the fanatical religious movement of the time, they doomed themselves and their constituents. They sparked an era of bootlegging and crime syndicates never seen before. The methods of transporting and hiding the booze likely led to better means of sneaking in Other illegal substances, just a few decades later. Thanx for That influx of crap into our youth and culture, boys. Appreciate it.
So, think hard before you hit tobacco anymore… or put some stupid fat tax on chips and pop… or continue to allow theatres to raise movie rates… or reduce our wildlife regions for development or mining or drilling (which, thereby, reduces fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping), or dictate what we can and cannot see, hear, read, play… each day that passes, I see/read more and more examples of Orwellian trends in this country. Attacks on basic rights that I know My family fought and died for centuries ago, so that ALL Americans would be free from this sort of creeping oppression, as a Guarantee (in some quirky little document about constitutions or something).

So, back to the point, Republicans, and their greed, were Also responsible for the overly prosperous 1920s and the Stock Market crash of 1929, resulting in the Great Depression.
And we allow these fuckers to play with our national budget? They should not even be allowed to have credit cards or checking accounts. Piggy banks might be too much fiscal responsibility. They bitch at the Democrats for overspending or not agreeing to budget cuts (like cutting funding for education – way to go, retards… make our kids Dumber than you… beautiful plan)… yet the national debt SOARS under Republican administration and control.

On a side note – REPUBLICANS recently voted NO for WOMEN to NOT be DISCRIMINATED against when it comes to FAIR WAGES (as compared to Men in the same position). Read more here CLICK ME!
WHY any Woman in this country would vote for these fuckers is Beyond me.

I’m just curious as to which ‘Republic’ the republicans of this nation attune themselves with. Or if they even understand the word.
Let’s not forget one Republic in particular… the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Wait, here’s another… the People’s Republic of China. Oooo and Another… the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Gee… too bad there wasn’t a theme here.

Now, I have heard that they (our GOP) fashioned themselves after the Roman Republic, with the Roman Senate representing the people’s interests and governing wisely and intellectually, creating the greatest nation of all time (until us, that is).
The Roman Republic, however, was not so much a realm of free people, exercising their right to pursue happiness and wealth. More so, it was an Empire, ruled by the wealthy, and at times, either an emperor or a senate (the wealthy), or both. It embodied ethnocentrism and imperialism and conquest, at the expense of freedom, opportunity, and cultural heritage. And Most Romans were subjugated, on some level… not equal and happy to just be Roman, by golly.

And as for the argument that Republicans make, that They are for Smaller government? Bullshit. The government expanded to an unprecedented size under the reign of King George… er… I mean, George Bush (Jr.). We have so many agencies tapping into our lives, that privacy is more myth than fact these days. Homeland Security? Gimme a break. Modern day Gestapo or Soviet Secret Police – NKVD, that’s all they are. We already HAVE an agency to protect our citizens domestically. It’s called the FBI. Not to mention our State, County, and Local Police Departments. When you get asshat politicians thinking up agencies like Homeland Security, the ATF, the DEA, etc…. you don’t have to look far to see what party they belong to.

I don’t know… at the rate we are descending… I’m not sure we can fix things and recoup the American Dream, or any semblance of Equal Opportunity. As the Time article stated, equal Outcome is most certainly not considered anymore… only Opportunity. You can run out there and Try… but failure is the most likely outcome. Because we are pushing this big ass jobless, debt wagon up a steep hill… and have ran out of steam, and now the wagon is slowly slipping back down the hill, and we’re trying like hell to stop it from sliding down, but without help (from, oh, I don’t know… a Responsible and FUNCTIONAL government), this wagon is eventually gonna run us over and go careening to the bottom of the hill. CRASH!

Personally, I think this country is fucked. But, I’m a realist.

Ever read Orwell’s 1984? If not, you must read it. Everyone must read it. It’s a warning that too many deaf ears cannot hear.

*Here’s some tidbits from 1968 – incase you’ve read this far and aren’t quite ready to leave just yet, because you find my low-brow rants strangely compelling, if rather offensively vernacular.
**I nicked all these tidbits from The People History. Check them out. Pretty interesting facts about the past.

April 4th Martin Luther King, Jr. is shot and killed by James Earl Ray.
President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968.
Senator Robert Kennedy is assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
August 20th and 21st Eastern Bloc armies consisting of 200,000 troops and 2,000 tanks from four Warsaw Pact countries – the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary invade Czechoslovakia.
North Vietnam and Viet Cong troops launch the Tet offensive.
Anti Vietnam War protests throughout the western world.
Japanese imported cars and other goods were continuing to rise and trouble the governments of UK and USA as they worried about industries in their own countries being effected and jobs lost.
50,000 people participated in ” The Poor Peoples March ” on June 19th Washington, D.C.
The Zodiac serial murderer begins his reign of terror in California in what has been described as the perfect crime ( He claimed in letters sent to the newspapers to have murdered 37, but police files put the number at 11. ( HE HAS NEVER BEEN CAUGHT )
Student Occupation at Columbia University over Universities affiliation with the Institute for Defense.
The nuclear-powered U.S. submarine Scorpion sank in the Atlantic Ocean with the loss of 99 crew members.
Black power salute is seen on Television worldwide after the gold and bronze medalists in Olympics show salute during medal ceremony in Mexico City, Mexico.
The Aswan Dam in Egypt is completed.
The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is dedicated.

Boeing 747 made its maiden flight.
NASA launches Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission.
Air Bags , Allen K Breed invents an air bag that deploys and inflates automatically on violent impact using nitrogen gas.
Apollo 8 orbits the Moon, becoming the first manned space mission to achieve the feat.
Dr. Christian Barnard performs the first successful heart transplant.
US Explodes experimental hydrogen Bomb.
The Emergency 911 Telephone service is started in the USA which provides a single number for reporting emergencies and is manned 24 hrs per day 365 days per year.
ATM First Philadelphia Bank installs the first automated teller machine in the U.S.


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