John’Aeryn, and twin sisters Morrganna & Sanguina


Been awhile.

I was BUSY!



So, anyway, let’s catch up. I got my wife hooked on Big Bang Theory. Score one for nerdom (nerddom?).

We have been suffering thru the worst drought since 1956 – which, I think is why my paternal grandparents left Nebraska, in the latter 1950s, to find work in Indiana. They’re farm went south, so to speak.

Whole lakes and ponds, in the Midwest (as well as the Southwest, I’m sure) have disappeared. They have water restrictions over half the country. Fire bans in nearly every county. Half the west seems like it’s on fire, already. I saw one picture, from the Indy Star, I think, that showed someone’s million dollar wanna-be Barbie dream house, on some lake. Their pontoon boat was beached next to a hundred foot long pier. The pier was sitting on a dried up lake shore. The nearest water was about 50 yards beyond the end of the pier. Of course… it was hard to feel sad for Richie Rich. I felt bad for the fish.

And yeah, climatologists are stating this is now the warmest year in recorded history (since they have been keeping measurements, anyway, since the 1880s I believe). Every year gets warmer. Every winter, with the exception of a few violent tantrums, get shorter, less snowfall, and warmer. Summers get hotter and either slip into longer drought periods or torn to pieces by a large series of wicked storms. This year, super drought. Last year, super tornadoes and thunderstorms. Not to mention the hurricanes, which are becoming more frequent.

But there’s no global warming.


Hey, denialists. Stop drinking the ass hat kool-aid and open your eyes. Frelling R-tards.


Let’s see… what else. Oh, finally installed Win 7 on my system. Let me tell you, opening up all 8 Gigs of Ram on my board sure made a helluva difference with my MMOs. I can run SWtOR with little trouble. It’s nice.

I have to try out TSW yet, with the new setup, but I have high hopes.

And speaking of SWtOR… I found a new guild, on a new server. Don’t get me wrong, I still belong to XFOR, and love those guys. But they don’t RP. And they rarely plan events, or coordinate things together, because of the weird work schedules everyone has. But a great bunch of ppl, none the less.

So, the new guild (well, new to me) is the Thirteenth Legion, on the Ebon Hawk server.

Ebon Hawk is an RP server, with a solid population, swinging from Standard to Full, depending on day/time. It, as any server, has its ass hats, monkey spanks, and trolls. But overall, much of the populace is made up of good folk and avid RolePlayers. There are sporadic RP scenes all over the place. Most of the players have good themey names (Avarek Zlarran = Good.  Fatso Buckethead = Bad.)

So, the XIIIth Legion is a large guild, mostly professional & managerial types, higher educated (or just plain smart), good-natured, and very friendly & helpful. I think I will be with them for quite a while. They also have collaborative RP and RP stories, which is neat. There is a full calendar of scheduled events that people actually show up for. They are firm about being mature, nice, and use good behavior as a rule rather than a rarity. Currently, the recruitment is closed, due to the amount of active members, but players may get special consideration, depending on their application and if they have someone that can vouch for them.

So, the picture I have up above… 3 of the current characters I play:

Master Sergeant John’Aeryn – Trooper Vanguard – Eldest Addams sibling (a toddler during the sacking of Coruscant and wounded by shrapnel and exploding debris during that attack. Cybernetic implants were necessary due to the extent of the damage he suffered.)

Captain Morrganna – Smuggler Gunslinger – One of the Addams twin sisters (though she and John are unaware they have another living sibling. She was also injured during the attack on Coruscant, and required cybernetic implantations, as well.)

Lord Sanguina – Sith Juggernaut – The other Addams twin sister (though, she is unaware of Any relation, as she was kidnapped from Coruscant, during the sacking, while still an infant.)

I’ve found that if I actually breath a bit of life into the characters I play… they become more interesting and fun for me. Probably why I was fairly attached to my SWG character Sevryn Blakk. I had done quite a bit of Role Play with him, and thus it became more personal with each accomplishment and encounter. And this would be the main benefit of RP servers… IF you get with a good group of ppl.


The last thing I want to discuss is Batman. Well… the incident at the Batman premier. In Colorado. *sigh*   First, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those who lost someone or have an injured someone. There are truly no words.

Second, why is this person even on trial. He was caught Red-handed, at the scene, with a hundred witnesses, weapons in hand, attire still on, booby-trapped apartment, pretending to be the Joker or some damned thing. So… why is he sitting in a court room? He should have been shot, right there in the alley they found him in. No jury, no insanity plea. Just pop pop, double-tap, sayonara.

Third, Gun Control will NOT stop this sort of thing from happening. That dog won’t hunt. If there had been More armed CC permitted citizens in that theatre, then Capt. Nutjob might not have made it past his third or fourth shot before someone else put his ass on the ground. So… I don’t want people going around crying about how we have to have less firearms, small clips, OMG! AR-15s are the DEVIL!

Horseshit. You know what happens with gun control? The crazy feks get Creative. Homemade napalm. Run down people at carnivals – with their minivans. The reimagination of the AX Murderer! Insane and mentally goofy people WILL find a way to do Mass damage, with or without bullets. The ONLY thing gun control laws do is lessen the capacity for the Legal owner/carrier population to protect themselves.

Personally, I think there should be Psych-evals for anyone wanting a gun permit and wanting to purchase a gun. But it’s hard to standardize a test like that for quirky, yet harmless people.  *Shrug*


Ok, enough rants and such. Cheers!


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