If only people would listen…

Ever notice how you think you have the answer to most of life’s problems? At least, I imagine that people think this. I know I do. Cool thing is that I really do have the answer to most problems that arise. It’s just that nobody listens to me. Then, later, in retrospect, they’re all like “Gee, we should have done it the other way.” (The other way being my way)

Then, of course, it’s a concerted effort not to throttle the piss out of he/she for not listening in the first place. Let’s take, for example, children. As in offspring of any age group, not just little kids. You tell them not to do something, and I’ll be damned if they don’t do the very thing you say not to do. You advise them the best course of action for a serious decision, and I’ll be damned if they don’t pick the Stupidest choice that just leaves you standing there blinking absently, like some retarded monkey. 

The worst part is when you explain to them how you have been there, done that. For some reason, they believe everything that happens to them is brand new and someone from the ‘old’ generation could never understand. Even though said ‘old’ person went through the same damned thing, made the Same stupid choice, and explained to said child that it turned out badly.

But that can’t possibly happen Now. Not to Them! It’s Different now! Things are done differently than back when the old people were teenagers.   *rolls eyes*

I remember getting the same speeches from my parents. Granted, I didn’t always listen… but a lot of the time I did. Just not when it really mattered.   o.O



By Mac

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