Auction House Galactic Trade Network 101


Well… here we are again. Pull up a chair. I’m gonna bitch.

First, I would like to draw your memory back to a fun and familiar (well, to those in the States, maybe) academic theatrical endeavour.

Sesame Street.

Remember that game they played… one of these things is not like the other? One of these things just don’t belong? Well, examine the pics below with that diddy in mind, eh? (Notice the Purple items)


Do you See the difference?

One is posted by a seller on his First Day! Yay! Let’s re-enact Black Tuesday, 1929.

The Other is posted by the more thoughtful, and economy-minded sellers who are Not having their First day on the Galactic Trade Network.

Now, I usually don’t grief over shit like this… but when I spend countless hours grinding one type of crafter. Then another type. Then another type. All in what seems like a fruitless attempt to master a craft profession, so that One of my characters can Not be destitute… I begin to take the fiscally handicapped players a bit personal.

Just as I achieve some semblance of livelihood, some Schmeckle comes along and sells their items for a 90% discount, because they do not understand that you must first go and Look at the current market, supply, demand, utility of said item and THEN figure out a nice price that will make you a decent profit but not gouge the customer.

Instead, the newbie seller gets out his box of crayons, makes a sign that says “Purple Stuff – 5 cents each!” and completely destroys the economy. Why not just stand at every intersection in the Fleet Station and GIVE the shit away. That’s essentially what you are doing already.

For frakks sake… understand how long it takes many of us to achieve the level of skill necessary to make credits via the GTN in this game. Realize how many hours, credits, materials, blood, sweat and virtual tears required to Get to the point where we can sell even Mid-range purple items of our own making. And acknowledge that you will become a total and complete douchebag if you sell orange moddables for 1200 credits a piece… of purple lvl 39 crystals for 1500 creds a piece… or blue and purple armoring mods for Less than the auto-GTN bottom price.

And yet other schmucks will try and sell a stack of 10 of the lowest grade craft materials for 100 times what it’s worth.

If you want to play in the market, junior… learn the rules and do not cut your own virtual financial throat. Premature ejacuposting will only sell yourself short.

Here endeth the lesson.


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