Infinite abyss

Some very cool ambient SciFi Music If you’re an astro-nerd like me, you’ll love this.

I watched a show, recently, on H2, titled Ancient Aliens. This particular episode dealt with extraterrestrial viruses and mass epidemics (is that redundant?) of lethal plagues in the past, as well as strange phenomena being sighted in the skies overhead prior to these horrific outbreaks.

For example, The Plague of Athens in 430 BCE. The Justinian Plague (Eastern Roman Empire) in 541 CE. The Black Death (Europe) in the mid 1300’s CE. And the Spanish Influenza of 1917-1918 CE. All of which had (allegedly) people reporting that they saw things, up in the sky, varying from brilliant, fiery rotating bronze discs to something akin to the sun itself, but rotating in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion. In some cases, there were horrendous explosions of sound in the sky (a ship punching through the atmosphere at supersonic speeds?), and in other cases a fiery streak, visual and audial explosion, and then atmospheric disturbance, such as sudden and deep cloud cover and something in the air causing a reddish rain to fall. Then people dropping dead from a sudden illness by the tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions, over the next year or two.

So… from what I gather, there are three camps running, with regrads to this topic.

Camp 1 – the “Bullshit” camp. “These were earth-born diseases that happened along as result of poor sanitation, medical knowledge, and intermingling of cultures that had remained separated for very long periods of time.”

Camp 2 – the “Astrobiological/Xenobiological” camp. “Viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms all born of space. We have conclusive proof that microscopic life exists outside of Earth, such as the fossilized microbes of Mars and the amino acid collected by the Stardust probe, in the tail of a comet called Wild 2. It is most probable that these fundamental building blocks of life came to our planet, during it’s infancy, and planted these seeds which over billions of years became ‘us’. It is Also just as probable that these Same building blocks have dotted Other planets, throughout the galaxy and universe, and that we are most assuredly not alone in the cosmos.”   Personally, I like this camp.

Camp 3 – the “Ancient Aliens frakking with us” camp. “Aliens came to earth and used us as their biological, pathological, biochemical warfare testing ground. Thousand of people saw what must have been space vessels. Thousands more saw what must have been aliens in hazard suits or environmental suits or space suits, because look at the statues!” 

I was going to Totally rip on some of the frequent …I don’t even know what to call them… they’re not experts… they’re not scientists… they just write very questionable books (and I say that as one who loves SciFi, Astronomy, and Totally believes in the existence of alien life)… anyway… I suppose “Guests of the show” would work. So these “Guests” always say the same shite. “Aliens built this. Aliens brought that. Aliens gave humans the plague. Aliens carved every single megalithic structure because humans were just not smart enough to figure out how.” And One of them is in Dire need of a tailor who doesn’t try to immortalize the disco era, as well as a barber who doesn’t idolize Einstein’s hairdo.

Anywho… after reading this other blogger’s post… I think it fair to direct you to her site, because her ripping is so much better than what I had planned.

Good read, no?

So, nutballs and self-proclaimed Indy Joneses aside… I wonder about the possibility that we Have been used as lab rats. I’ve often wondered if we are also some alien civilization’s giant In Vitro tube, genetically directed over millennia to evolve into our current state of homo sapien sapien. I suppose it’s plausible, too, that if aliens Did infect us with these super plagues time and again… they are trying to prepare our species for entry into some great galactic-wide superwar, by building up our immune systems to the assortment of diseases known out there in the vastness of space.

Aw shit… this might be a prelude to our being conscripted by some alien empire.

Not cool, man. Not cool.


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