I, Jedi Master

*Warning – this is just some rambling that may bore the piss out of you*

So, after months of dragging my arse, I finally got my second toon, Tzev’rin, to 50 – though this is my first 50 on The Ebon Hawk server. I pounded out the last 8 levels with my pirate budette, Lomi. We dinged our final ding about 30 minutes apart.

Afterwards, we had a nice surprise waiting for us on Fleet. A PvP recruit outfit, with some very nice Expertise stats. Not the most comely outfit, but then again, Jedi attire is still in the suck category. It would seem only the Sith get to dress in style. I can attest to this, because even at only level 43, my Sith Juggernaut, Sanguina, is hawt.



Anyway… we informed our guildmates of our new coolness (being 50) and were duly inducted into the realm of “Dailies.”

One of the guild officers ran us through the Corellian bits (thanx, Feyad) and it was easy and quick. Just the way I like it. However, afterwards, I perused the comm vendor. HOLY FEK! The prices are outrageous. We’ll be doing dailies til we die. I couldn’t believe how many comms one needs to buy Anything there. My heart sank.

So, in the interim, I plan to collect monies and augment the hell out of my Recruit PvP gear. Not the best option, but prolly one of the simplest. Did I mention I prefer it easy?

I am vexed, though. See, my Jedi is a Sentinel. Which is fun enough… but I prefer ranged tanks. I actually enjoy my Vanguard a lot more. I did not make this realization until I had already pushed my main (Tzev”rin) to level 40 or so. At that point, I posited that it would be more beneficial to finish him out, just so I had a 50 on Ebon Hawk.

But my Trooper Vanguard is So much more fun (and fashionable!). Not to mention, he tears it up in the Warzones. Usually, after a few minutes, Master Sergeant John’Aeryn ends up being the target of the gank squad. Whereas Tzev’rin can hold his own one on one, but goes down quick in a mob. That’s just not fun for me. Oh look, I got two hits in before I died screaming like a little kid! Yay me!  *shakes head in shame*

In PVE, Tzev is quite the Billy. Against player mobs, he’s more of a … Patsy? Nancy? Elmer Fudd?

Thus, I am left with the decision… do I throw all my time and effort into doing all the dailies and weeklies with Tzev, to gear him out for… what? PvP?

OR… do I switch over and start grinding out my Trooper, whom I have more fun with, and get him geared up and Own PvP! At least in my own mind.

Things to ponder…


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