SWtOR goes Free To Play Today!! *ahem*

Yeah, so I am not very excited about this, but I have already blogged that discontent. Today, patch 1.5 is being installed, bringing the Star Wars the Old Republic F2P (or Free to Play) model into existence. They estimated 12 hours to do the job and get the servers up. I expect at least 24 hours, because I have been in other MMOs that went F2P and yeah… it Never goes according to plan. Always problems. What’s funny are the barrage of insults, curses, pleas, bitches, complaints, griefs, whines, and pissy fits that accompany an event like this, in the forums or tweets.

I mean Come On, people… like you didn’t KNOW this would happen? For fuck’s sake. First rodeo, is it?


So… since we can’t play SWtOR, let’s discuss something fun!

Like… secession from the union! LOL

That’s right… This week’s hot topic is Secession

Well, in a nutshell, alll the pouting republicans are in an uproar because they lost the presidential election. As such, many of them decided ‘Fuck this, we’re quitting being Americans’ (that was an awkward sentence structure) and filed petitions with the White House to secede. That’s right, boys and girls. Just like the Confederacy did 150 some odd years ago. And we see how That ended. Massive loss of life for no gain. Well, no gain on the part of the South. Now, don’t get me wrong. My entire family is Southern and Western. I consider myself Southern. I even let the hybrid Tennessee-Mississippi accent slip when I get around family or other folk from South of the Mason. But it doesn’t change the fact that the South made a bad move and paid dearly for it.

Now we have all these states (or rather, upset WASP citizens within them) madly signing these petitions to just quit from the Union and… do what? Be their own little country? The middle section of North America would be comprised of 48 little nations plus one City-State? Really, people? And your economies would survive how? You would protect yourselves from the up-and-coming not-so-nice superpowers How? You would allow the engine that keeps the global economy and world cooperation running How?


Now, I am sure this is meant for most… or at least Some… to be a ‘symbolic’ gesture. Symbolic of what? You got mad that you lost and want to take your toys and go home? That’s mature. 

Here’s a novel idea. How about you just try to fix the problems of our nation first. Romney wouldn’t have done it, believe me. Not even sure Obama can. Our current state of being demands that WE bring our country out of this terrible rut. Not leave it to One man to fix or a bickering Congress that couldn’t find their collective asses with both hands. BUT… instead of trying to come together and put bullshit party politics aside… let’s just leave the union. Yeah… That’s a problem solver. Don’t fight for your homeland… just quit. Our ancestors would be sooo proud.

I guess in closing, all I really want to say is grow the fuck up. Figure out what it means to be an American… not a Whinecan… and help your country.

By Mac

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