Cyber-friends call me Mac or Sevryn.
I enjoy fishing, boating, canoeing, (my) genealogy, camping, street rods, RPGs, MMOs, MMORPGs, Strategic turn-based games (Total War series), Combat Flight sims, and FPS games (such as Call of Duty and Battlefield 2142).
I’m a SciFi geek (mostly Space Operas) and a loyal follower of The Big Bang Theory (Leonard and Sheldon are my Kirk and Spock).

I’m a semi-retired Goth. I still consider myself a member of the Scene, though I do not get out much these days, and my career rarely affords me the opportunity to immerse myself. Dammit – how did I become a Corporate Goth?!
Doubled majored in History & Philosophy at IU, with a minor in Anthropology (Archaeology & Paleoanthropology), a concentration in Geology and certification focus in International Studies.
Also have a strong interest in astronomy, seismology, and oceanography.
And the SETI program. And the likelihood of extraterrestrial intelligent life

I have a wonderful family and the dumbest beagle ever born. I come from a long-lined military family with ancestors fighting in wars recorded as far back as the 13th century in Scotland, and more recently in the American Revolution, U.S. Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam Wars.
I’m a Vikings and Patriots fan… Florida State, Michigan State, and IU… Twins, Wild, and the Trinidad Tobacco Tappers.

And I like meat. Dead animal flesh. Steaks, burgers, brats, lamb, veal, fish, crustacean, chicken, duck, turkey, pork, rabbit, and clams.

And as liberal as I seem to be, I am a stalwart defender of the 2nd amendment (Well… all of the amendments, for that matter).

I have no love for republicans (I find them narrow-minded, greedy, and pretentious), but the democrats of this nation are not in my fav category, either. They’ve become too meddling in the affairs of our private lives and tend to give the govt Way too much power.

Lastly, I abhor our joke of a political system, the rampant corruption in govt, and I see the end of this great nation approaching – since most people are too much of a sissy to stand up, protest, yell and shout and revolt if need be, in order to change things for the better.

Wouldn’t be the First time we revolted against a tyrannical government, people. If we cannot fix our nation, then the only two options left are: watch it wither and die… or rise up and remake it.

Does this mean walk into a Taco Bell or a Mall and start spraying the place with bullets? Of course not. That’s just stupid and insane.

What it means is that someday, if half the nation declares the need for a militia to stand against a government that has stepped on the last toe, tossed up the last straw, then yeah… I’ll be there. And so should you.

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