The Gree, Space Opera, and Visual Neatness

(The following has been dictated by Nexus 7 and it’s built-in speech to text application.)


   So I got this new Nexus 7, a few weeks ago, and I thought I would give dictation a try. I have read a lot of things about this application, and given that the Nexus keyboard is super f****** tiny it, only makes sense to me that I speak to it instead of type on it. I just have to make sure I am aware of children flying into the room, shouting and throwing strange words into my dictation. The app is fairly cool, although I have to admit some of the dictation is a bit messed up. I’m not sure if it’s the way that I speak, or the fact that my dictation program is just stupid, but sometimes it types out the craziest s***. Not to mention that the dictation program continues to censor my foul language, which really kind of pisses me off. I’ll have to find out where to turn that off.


   Star Wars The Old Republic has begun its next episode in weird encounters with semiannual events. The Gree have decided to show up and bring with them some missions and some blah blah rewards. I ran through a series of missions last night, twice. I dunno… to me it seems not really worth doing. It takes way too long to acquire the given reputation points that you need, with the Gree, in order to be able to access purchasable items or areas. The missions are Daily, so there is a reputation point cap for the day.

   At level 50, with my most powerful character running through all but the last 2 missions in PvP, I was able to acquire a meager 1710 reputation. It takes 15,000 just reach friend level with the gree, and who f****** knows how much it takes to reach champion level with the Gree, in order to obtain Gree weapons. And to be honest some of the weapons are kinda cool in appearance, but not something that should require this much work to acquire. I think that either the points you earn need to be raised, or the item costs need to be lowered dramatically.

   This is where I agree with HawtPants. This event only lasts two weeks, yet it will take much longer than that to obtain the required reputation points that we need to buy the items that are available from this event. How fucking stupid is that? (Yay! I found the censor button!) So, I’m really not sure if I even want to bother. I’ve been told that this event will repeat itself. I’ve been told that this event will be recurring. Of course, they also said that the rakghoul plague event would return. We seen how far that’s gone, haven’t we?

(End of dictation effort.)

   I think world events are a fair idea, but swtor seems to be banking too much on them and the cartel crap. “Hey guys! Let’s distract them with shiny shit, so they don’t notice our lack of content building!”

   We need more content. More species. More Space! Bigger PvP environments. I’m not talking flaggable areas we can get ganked in. I mean WAR. We are at war. Republic vs. Empire. We need world events of Battles. Often. We events where the Imperials flood Coruscant and put a server wide call out for the Republic to come defend the planet. Things like that.

   Probably never happen. But it would be interesting.


   So, I’ve decided to buckle down and begin doing hardcore research for a SciFi novel I have been mulling over for years. I love Astronomy, but let’s face it, compared to real Astronomers and Astrophysicists, I have a rudimentary knowledge, at best. I can’t exactly write a good Space Opera novel without understanding the fundamentals of stellar environments, gravity, magnetism, spatial physics, extra dimensions, spacetime, etc.

   Currently, I am reading Lisa Randall’s “Warped Passages” and loving it. She has a knack for helping non-math minded people (like yours truly) comprehend these basic principles. Go Lisa! After I have finished this book, I will definitely read the rest of her works. If anyone has other books that might help me in this endeavor, feel free to let me know. Just pop me a message on twitter (yes, I finally caved and made a twitter account). You’ll find me at @scottishguard


   Been so long since I have blogged… actually feel guilty. Not that anyone is just Dying to read what my semi-nuts mind has to offer, but yeah… just a bit of guilt. Maybe because I like to procrastinate. I dunno.

   Oh, I have also finally acquired a TV worthy of the name. For years, 32″ was the biggest thing we had (and could afford). Well, we decided to (I know… I know… bad bad bad) bite the bullet and rent-to-own a 60″ LCD HD TV and buy a Blu Ray (another first) player, and set up a home theatre surround system. I also bought the Farscape series and have been watching the great galactic love affair of John Creighton and Aren Sun on this monster of a television. Wow. That’s all I got. Just… Wow. Also been watching Star Wars (all of them) and Lord of the Rings. Very much the movie theatre experience (minus getting tea bagged on over-priced candy and popcorn). Next move will be to start the Buffy series on it.

   That’s right. I said Buffy.   😛


   Anywho… time for work. More soon.


I, Jedi Master

*Warning – this is just some rambling that may bore the piss out of you*

So, after months of dragging my arse, I finally got my second toon, Tzev’rin, to 50 – though this is my first 50 on The Ebon Hawk server. I pounded out the last 8 levels with my pirate budette, Lomi. We dinged our final ding about 30 minutes apart.

Afterwards, we had a nice surprise waiting for us on Fleet. A PvP recruit outfit, with some very nice Expertise stats. Not the most comely outfit, but then again, Jedi attire is still in the suck category. It would seem only the Sith get to dress in style. I can attest to this, because even at only level 43, my Sith Juggernaut, Sanguina, is hawt.



Anyway… we informed our guildmates of our new coolness (being 50) and were duly inducted into the realm of “Dailies.”

One of the guild officers ran us through the Corellian bits (thanx, Feyad) and it was easy and quick. Just the way I like it. However, afterwards, I perused the comm vendor. HOLY FEK! The prices are outrageous. We’ll be doing dailies til we die. I couldn’t believe how many comms one needs to buy Anything there. My heart sank.

So, in the interim, I plan to collect monies and augment the hell out of my Recruit PvP gear. Not the best option, but prolly one of the simplest. Did I mention I prefer it easy?

I am vexed, though. See, my Jedi is a Sentinel. Which is fun enough… but I prefer ranged tanks. I actually enjoy my Vanguard a lot more. I did not make this realization until I had already pushed my main (Tzev”rin) to level 40 or so. At that point, I posited that it would be more beneficial to finish him out, just so I had a 50 on Ebon Hawk.

But my Trooper Vanguard is So much more fun (and fashionable!). Not to mention, he tears it up in the Warzones. Usually, after a few minutes, Master Sergeant John’Aeryn ends up being the target of the gank squad. Whereas Tzev’rin can hold his own one on one, but goes down quick in a mob. That’s just not fun for me. Oh look, I got two hits in before I died screaming like a little kid! Yay me!  *shakes head in shame*

In PVE, Tzev is quite the Billy. Against player mobs, he’s more of a … Patsy? Nancy? Elmer Fudd?

Thus, I am left with the decision… do I throw all my time and effort into doing all the dailies and weeklies with Tzev, to gear him out for… what? PvP?

OR… do I switch over and start grinding out my Trooper, whom I have more fun with, and get him geared up and Own PvP! At least in my own mind.

Things to ponder…


Auction House Galactic Trade Network 101


Well… here we are again. Pull up a chair. I’m gonna bitch.

First, I would like to draw your memory back to a fun and familiar (well, to those in the States, maybe) academic theatrical endeavour.

Sesame Street.

Remember that game they played… one of these things is not like the other? One of these things just don’t belong? Well, examine the pics below with that diddy in mind, eh? (Notice the Purple items)


Do you See the difference?

One is posted by a seller on his First Day! Yay! Let’s re-enact Black Tuesday, 1929.

The Other is posted by the more thoughtful, and economy-minded sellers who are Not having their First day on the Galactic Trade Network.

Now, I usually don’t grief over shit like this… but when I spend countless hours grinding one type of crafter. Then another type. Then another type. All in what seems like a fruitless attempt to master a craft profession, so that One of my characters can Not be destitute… I begin to take the fiscally handicapped players a bit personal.

Just as I achieve some semblance of livelihood, some Schmeckle comes along and sells their items for a 90% discount, because they do not understand that you must first go and Look at the current market, supply, demand, utility of said item and THEN figure out a nice price that will make you a decent profit but not gouge the customer.

Instead, the newbie seller gets out his box of crayons, makes a sign that says “Purple Stuff – 5 cents each!” and completely destroys the economy. Why not just stand at every intersection in the Fleet Station and GIVE the shit away. That’s essentially what you are doing already.

For frakks sake… understand how long it takes many of us to achieve the level of skill necessary to make credits via the GTN in this game. Realize how many hours, credits, materials, blood, sweat and virtual tears required to Get to the point where we can sell even Mid-range purple items of our own making. And acknowledge that you will become a total and complete douchebag if you sell orange moddables for 1200 credits a piece… of purple lvl 39 crystals for 1500 creds a piece… or blue and purple armoring mods for Less than the auto-GTN bottom price.

And yet other schmucks will try and sell a stack of 10 of the lowest grade craft materials for 100 times what it’s worth.

If you want to play in the market, junior… learn the rules and do not cut your own virtual financial throat. Premature ejacuposting will only sell yourself short.

Here endeth the lesson.