Panda Fu – to sub or not to sub

So, a dear close friend of mine has been nudging me towards retrying World of Warcraft. Yes, yes… I’ve been making fun of this game for years, even though I played it for a time. However, in all fairness, I am willing to give it another shot.

This image totally belongs to Blizzard, not me. You can find it and their Massive Multiplayer Online Game at World of Warcraft

So, my friend – we’ll call her… Pandora – sent me a friend trial invite thingy. I accepted the offer, with intentions of (if I liked it) restoring my old account and moving my highest level toons to Pandora’s server. Expecting no fuss or muss, I clicked on the “Starter Edition” icon, from my account. When last I played, there was no Lich King, accounts, and Dwarves and Gnomes still shared the same starting area.

So… I clicked on the Starter Edition icon. Downloaded the game. Clicked on the setup file. Stared at a little white box on my desktop (for a few hours) that said “Updating setup files…”.

Stoopid me, I thought that meant the game was, oh, I dunno… downloading and updating. Turns out, it’s a common bug (a critical bug at that) since January or February and intensely worse since Mists of Pandaria was released.

So I have spent the last three days data-mining, trying to find the correct work-around, fix, compensation, crutch, patch, w/e.

I had all but given up.

But FINALLY, after Scouring the net for 3 days… I found my savior.

90  Night Elf Druid

The correct way to fix the updating setup files issue if you use windows 7 is:
Click Start -> Right Click on Computer -> select “manage” -> click on services and application -> click the submenu Services -> right click on “Secondary Logon Service” and be sure it’s set to automatic.  ”

So, in conclusion, all I really wanted was to spread this fix, for all windows 7 users, that are experiencing the “Updating setup files” stuck error.

None of the other shit worked for me. Not deleting folders, files, reinstalling, running as Admin, changing out Agent.db, running WoW.exe instead of Launcher… NONE of that shit worked.

But This… This worked.

Thank you Meldon… you’re a god among insects.